VWS Westgarth Office Contact

Orbital House
3 Redwood Crescent
East Kilbride
G74 5PR

+44 (0)1355 588 000
Fax: +44 (0)1355 588 001


Veolia Water Oil & Gas Angola Contact:

Viana Park
Pavilhão nº1 Quarteirão 9
Estrada do Calumbo
Pólo Industrial de Viana
República de Angola

Tel: +244 940 120 949
Tel: +244 949 229 399


Training Services

Bespoke training either on or offshore to suit clients needs

Training can be delivered either offshore or onshore at a location to meet our clients specific needs, or at our dedicated training facility at Viana Park comprising a fully serviced training room capable of training up to 10 delegates at any one time.

To compliment our design & build capabilities, we offer bespoke training courses to our clients that enable their staff to:

> Understand the water treatment system process and its operability via the control system

> Understand the process technologies utilised in the water treatment system

> Understand the various modules that combine to provide the overall water treatment system and how they integrate to produce the required quality and quantity of water

> Perform day to day to day plant operations

> Conduct fault finding, analysis and key preventative maintenance activities required to ensure availability and longevity of the plant

> Understand the control system hardware and instrumentation

Training schedules are developed to cater for the diversification of the water treatment systems, which include the following or a combination of the following:

 > Field Operations

  > Control Room operations

  > Process Technology (treatment systems e.g. SWRO)

  > Automation (Software & Hardware)

  > Membrane Fault finding

Onshore training in our training centre offers the following benefits:

> Reduces the requirement to have additional people on board who will not be contributing to the overall production process (minimises POB requirements)

> Delegates can focus on learning and not be called upon to assist with production requirements

> Larger number of delegates can be accommodated

> Ease of scheduling training and associated activities

> No requirement for hearing protection - improved communication and learning

The training room is complimented with a scaled version of an SRU/CIP plant which allows delegates to gain hands-on practical experience of loading and unloading membranes, membrane probing and performing Clean-in-Place (CIP) of membranes which is difficult to schedule when the training takes place offshore due to production requirements or in locations where no plant is available for practical training to take place. There is also a small laboratory where delegates can analyse water samples using similar equipment to that used offshore (e.g. Silt Density Index (SDI), Chlorine, Sulphate, etc.)

The SRU membrane skid comprises 3 off 8" diameter vessels with CIP tanks, pump and cartridge filter as pictured below.

Membrane CIP Training / Optimisation Plant ,Angola