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SandLiner Desanding Hydrocyclones

VWS has developed the SandLiner desanding hydrocyclone liner to efficiently remove damaging levels of solid particles such as sand, scale and corrosion products present in a produced water stream.

These solids, if not removed, can reduce performance and increase the downtime of a produced water treatment system due to erosion damage and blockage, causing increased operation and maintenance costs and interruption to oil production.

VWS can offer the end user an integrated and optimised solution at every key process stage in the produced water treatment system thanks to the complementary VWS produced water treatment technologies.

Design Philosophy

The Sandliner has been designed using the extensive experience and resources of the world's largest water treatment company, with a sharp focus on demanding and high performance oil & gas applications:

  • Constructed from ceramic material to resist highly erosive conditions
  • Improve oil removal efficiency
  • Minimise footprint and weight
  • Reduce maintenance
  • Extend operating life

How It Works

The VWS SandLiner operates by introducing produced water through tangential inlets into the widest part of the conical internal cavity to create a vortex inside the liner. As the water passes through the vortex, the suspended solids are forced to the wall of the liner by centrifugal forces. The vortex flow pattern within the liner transports the separated solids along the wall to the outlet port of the liner where they flow into a catchment chamber beneath. The desanded water flows in a reverse direction, up the centre of the liner and out through the axial port at the top. Normally the sand in the catchment chamber would be intermittently discharged to a sand cleaning system while the hydrocyclones are on line, although other discharge strategies are possible.



A number of liner models are available, all with the same external dimensions. For more information on the application of these liners, please see our SandLiner brochure.

Benefits of the VWS SandLiner Design

  • Liner manufactured from ceramic material to resist high temperatures and erosion
  • Designed & developed specifically for oil & gas applications
  • Range of 5 liners with common external dimensions, giving a range of capacities and efficiencies to suit most process requirements
  • Simple design for mounting in pressure vessels
  • Can be operated with a continuous or potted underflow
  • Suitable for pressures up to API 10,000