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Power Clean Nutshell Filters - Suspended solids and hydrocarbons removal

Power Clean filters are unparalleled in removing suspended solids and hydrocarbons from produced water or any water source.

Features & Benefits

Nutshell filter

Power Clean Media

  • Cleans better and can be adjusted to different application requirements
  • Nutshell media used along with patented fluidised bed process
  • Only 5% media replacement per year
  • Reclaims more oil
  • Removes 98% of all filterable contaminants
Nutshell media

Low System Costs

  • Optimised flux rate allows smaller and fewer filters on specific applications
  • Smaller footprint than other filter types
  • Positive retention of media within the vessel eliminates media loss and disposal issues
  • Separate pumps for feed and fluidisation removes the compromise of sizing a single pump at the high flow rate for fluidisation (generally 3-4 times that of the feed rate) and then turning down to meet the needs of filtration. Our design eliminates the severe energy penalty common on single pump filter systems. Single pump systems subject an expensive pump to the continual wear of the fluidisation and feed pump processes. The Power Clean System means minimal use of the fluidisation pump (only 10 minutes per cleaning cycle), allowing the use of a more cost effective pump for feed purposes
  • Unfiltered water is used for media cleaning, eliminating the need for a high volume of "clean" water storage.
Nutshell filter


  • The media is not "force set" after clean up, eliminating the potential for damage and plugging of the bottom screen. The Power Clean System screen is actually cleaned during every regeneration cycle before the media settles back down. Other filter systems do not have this feature.
  • No gas or air scour is required, thus reducing corrosion and environmental problems.
  • Fluid quality is independent of external interactions as no chemicals are used in the Power Clean System filtration process.

Less Maintenance Than Other Filters

  • Simple, automatic design.
  • Patented screen design to eliminate plugging problems.
  • No chemicals, air or gas are required for contaminant removal or media cleaning.