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VWS Westgarth as part of Veolia Water  Technologies brings a wealth of experience to the task of executing water treatment projects.  We provide a total engineered solution to the offshore water treatment industry. This includes engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of complete membrane and produced water  technology water injection system, followed by a full range of comprehensive services solution.


We prides ourselves in delivering to the highest standards and surpassing client expectations both in product quality and customer service.


With so many variables, managing risk and achieving an overall system guarantee is difficult. We overcome this by producing a complete, high performance, extremely reliable water treatment package with full process control guaranteed.

Veolia’s client commitment continues beyond design and build supply in our through life Services Solutions support offering that incorporates our Hydrex™ chemical range, Aquavista™ “real time" asset integrity monitoring software, spares management, plant operation and service support, waste management and environmental cleaning services.

Coarse Filtration

The objective of this process is to remove coarse suspended solids that could deposit on process equipment creating scale and corrosion site.

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Multi Media Filtration

Our membrane filtration system provides an ideal platform for SRP pre-treatment.

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UltraMEV - Ultrafiltration

The UltraMEV combines multiple ​ultrafiltration elements in a single housing reducing footprint, weight and need for interconnecting pipework.

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Feed Pumps

The feed pumps deliver the pre-treated water to the SRU membrane trains.

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SR Membrane System

The nanofiltration membranes are specifically designed to remove sulphate ions from seawater used for water injection. 

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Vacuum Deareration

A deaerator removes oxygen and other dissolved gases from water, such as feedwater and is designed to receive a chemically treated and filtered flow stream.

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Cartridge Filters

Generally installed downstream of the multimedia filters to perform a guard function ahead of the SR or RO membrane stage

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Chemical Dosing System

As part of a turnkey project, Veolia engineers the chemical storage, dosing and injection system for the chemicals required to operate the SRP.

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Veolia has unrivalled expertise, globe-spanning local presence and resources to make us your ideal partner for all water and environmental needs.