Onshore Services

All our Service Solutions are designed to provide our clients with the technical and practical assistance to maximise plant efficiency and availability while reducing operating costs and enhancing working life:


Our onshore offering AQUAVISTA™  includes:

  • 24/7 process and technology support 
  • Remote technical support with the provision of both regional and international onshore support teams 
  • Remote data analysis through
  • Membrane autopsy, clean and characterisation
  • OPEX reviews for water injection systems (5, 10 or 20 years cycles)  


AQUAVISTA™ is a comprehensive set of digital solutions offered by Veolia Water Technologies. 

Veolia is the only company in the world that can combine 160 years of water treatment expertise, process knowledge, services and a wide range of national and international references into one package of digital solutions. AQUAVISTA™ is composed of four complementary components:



  • To provide easy access to the main information of the water injection system
  • Download and manage documentation related to your plant
  • Real time monitoring of the water injection plant  through robust dashboards
  • Automatic reporting



  • Calculates and provides visualisation of the main performance indicators of the water injection plant for efficiency, availability, online time, chemical consumption etc
  • Calculates and provides visualisation of the main performance indicators of equipment such as cartridge filter changeouts, injection pump failures, membrane replacement etc,
  • Benchmark between site 
  • Scenario planning and optimisations

Aquavista Assist

A complete channel for technical assistance

  • Communication and information sharing platform
  • Online training for various components / equipment - all results and progress saved
  • Augmented reality platforms
  • Video and message exchange


Aquavista Plant

A suite of powerful algorithms, intelligent software and holistic solutions providing process optimizations and forecasting.  By combining design, operational and financial data, Aquavista Plant can employ algorithms to continuously:

  • Evaluate and optimize the performance of the entire water injection plant, leading to greater volume of injected water
  • Savings in consumables
  • Reduced corrective maintenance.