Client: Nexen Inc.

Process: Sulphate Removal

Country: United Kingdom

Contract Description: Supply of Sulphate Removal Package Module

Contract Date: December 2003

Contract Completion Date: April 2005

Capacity: 4 x 62,925 barrels/day

Sea Water Conversion: 75%

Sea Water Feed Quality: 35,670 mg/l (tds)

Product Water Output Quality: < 50 mg/l sulphate


Project Description:

Turnkey supply of a single lift module 251,700 BPD sulphate removal package utilising a membrane filtration pre-treatment system.

Process Description:

Seawater is treated by a membrane filtration system that will provide a complete barrier against particles larger than approximately 0.1 microns, thereby removing most species leading to SRP fouling.

4 x 62,854 BPD SR membrane arrays using Dow SR90-400 membranes provide the required low sulphate product flow.