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Service Solutions

Veolia provide a full range of Service Solutions for the Upstream sector, specialised in Water Injection Management. 

The primary objective of our service solutions is to provide the technical, engineering and practical assistance required by the client to maximize plant availability and efficiency while reducing operating costs and increasing the plant’s longevity. In addition, the long- term objective is to transfer the capability of supporting the SRP / Water Injection system offshore to the Client operational personnel.

The Veolia support and service solution approach requires a partnership role with the client, rather than the traditional contractor role, in order to understand and best serve the demands of the oil and gas industry and ensure that production interests remain to the fore at all times.

By assuming a proactive role in all aspects of the system operation, the expertise that Veolia provides can be put to best effect. The client can rest assured that the continued health of the system is under expert supervision and that the risks of unforeseen problems have been minimised. A key tenet of the Veolia support service philosophy is a proactive and not reactive approach

Our real time digital monitoring service allows for smarter upstream water injection, optimising your water treatment plant.
Whether you require one off offshore support or rota based FSR's we offer a wide range of offshore support services.
Veolia provide a range of bespoke classroom style training, covering the importance of Water Injection Operations.
We offer a full range of Hydrex chemical supply and service to optimise the life of your plant
We offer a range of spares management services, adhoc supply, our own range of cartridge filters as well as membranes
Wither your looking lifecycle upgrades, study scopes or feesabilty test, we offer a wide rage of engineering upgrade for your water treatment plants.
Bespoke personnel for specific water injection system start up and commissioning
We offer various services like NORM cleansing / hazardous waste and more