Client: Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) 

Process: Seawater Coarse & Ultrafiltration 

Country: Nigeria 

Contract Description: Supply of Seawater Coarse, Ultra-filtration (UF) Packages

Contract Start Date: June 2014

Contract Completion Date: January 2016

UF Capacity: 545,359 BPD (86,712 m3/day) 

UF Seawater Recovery: N/A

Coarse Permeate Output: <100 micron particles at 98% Efficiency

UF Permeate Output: 0.01µm & SDI (Silt Density Index) <2.5



Project Description:

Total FPSO for Egina Field offshore Nigeria. The Ultrafiltration package has a capacity of 545,359 BPD (86,712 m3/day) and will be installed on the FPSO topsides to provide the necessary seawater treatment for the water injection system.


Project Scope:

The Ultrafiltration Package comprises a single-lift UF membrane module with integral CIP System. Eight UF membrane racks, each rack comprising three (3) multi-element vessels (MEV’s), are provided to allow for 1 rack on backwash and 1 spare, which can be taken off-line for maintenance. The fine filtered seawater (0.01µm) from the UF system provides the feed for the Water Injection Package. Ultrafiltration provides a significant weight/footprint reduction and improved water quality compared with conventional seawater filtration technology.

The UF Package also comprises a Clean-in-Place (CIP) skid and a centralised UCP (P2 Type Package Control) installed within the LER.


Process Description:

Pressurised seawater is supplied to the UF system from upstream coarse filters. UF hollow fibre membranes, installed in multi-element housings, are arranged in multiple racks with back-flushing performed using treated water from the downstream UF Backwash Tank. In addition, provision for hypochlorite dosing is provided to facilitate clean in-place of the membrane arrays.

Filtered water from the UF Package provides feed water to the downstream water injection system.