Produced Water

Produced water is water produced as a by product along with the oil & gas.

The constituents of produced water are many and varied, with the majority of substances being: Water, hydrocarbons, production chemicals and solids, both suspended and dissolved.  These contaminants need to be treated to enable the produced water to be either injected or safely disposed of according to local environmental regulations .

Veolia has developed a range hydrocyclones for the treatment of  produced water 

The Cophase™ CFU operates by combining the well established principles of gas flotation, oil droplet coalescence and centrifugal separation into a single process step
STREAMLINER™ de-oiling hydrocyclone is to separate free oil from produced water prior to discharge or injection.
SandLiner desanding hydrocyclone liner to efficiently remove damaging levels of solid particles such as sand, scale and corrosion products present in a produced water stream.