Client: Kindasa Water Services Company

Process: Reverse Osmosis

Country: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Site: Jeddah Port,

Contract Description: Design / Supply of a Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Plant

Contract Date: March 2003

Capacity: 26,840 m³ / per day

Sea Water Conversion: 47%

Sea Water Feed Quality: 42,500mg/l (tds)

Fresh Water Output Quality: < 250 mg/l (tds)


Project Description:

26,840 m£/day Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Plant (3 x 8,947 m£/day trains) utilising a Hybrid pre-treatment system of Media Filtration and Membrane Filtration.

Seawater is delivered from the intake system seawater lift pumps, to the Hybrid pre-treatment system comprising 1st stage "roughing" media filtration and 2nd stage ultra-filtration.

The plant consists of a 2 pass RO system comprising of 1st pass SWRO trains followed by 2nd pass BWRO polishing trains.

The 1st pass train pressure is delivered in an energy efficient manner by a train dedicated feed pump / pelton wheel combination.