Mad Dog 2

Client: Samsung Heavy Industries

Process: Low Salinity Water Injection

Country: Offshore - Gulf of Mexico 

Contact Description: Pre-Treatment and Low Salinity Package Skid

Contract Date: January 2017

Contract Completion Date: July 2019

Plant Capacity: 140,000 BPD (22,600 m3/day) 

Sea Water Conversion: Low Salinity 

Sea Water Feed Quality: 

  • TDS: 34,570 mg/l
  • Sulphate: 2,570 mg/l

Product Output:   Blended permeate from RO and NF to produce TDS >1100 mg/l and <2200 mg/l within temperature range 21 – 30 ºC, with Sulfate in blended permeate < or = 20 mg/l








Project Description:

The project was for the design, equipment procurement, supply and construction of multiple skids treating seawater through microfiltration pretreatment and low salinity membranes. The skids were designed to be incorporated into the Mad Dog Phase II (renamed Argus) Floating Platform Unit for operation offshore in the Gulf of Mexico.

Project Scope:

The project scope consists of 6 x Micro Filtration Rack, MF CIP Package, 2 x Air Scour Blower Package, 2 x Low Salinity Reverse Osmosis packages , 2 x Low Salinity Sulphate Packages and 1 x Low Salinity Sulphate Removal Package.

Process Description:

The system has been designed to produce 140,300 bwpd (4090 USGPM) of water for injection.

The seawater Micro Filtration (MF) Package treats the feed water stream for the downstream Low Salinity Package. The package consists of a microfiltration membrane that removes the bulk of seawater particulates. The membrane is cleaned on a frequent basis to remove the captured particulates to drain. Operation of the plant is fully automatic in normal operation.

The Seawater filtrate is routed to the MF Buffer Tank (By Others) which feeds the suction of the Membrane Charge Pumps (by others) in a 2 x 50% configuration. Downstream of the pumps scale inhibitor is dosed for precipitation control and a non-oxidising biocide is dosed intermittently for biological control of the membranes.

The Low Salinity  Package is made up of 2 x 50% SWRO Trains and 2 x 50% SRP Trains, the operation of which is detailed in Section 2.2.  Permeate from the SWRO and SRP Trains is merged and then directed to the downstream Deaerator (by others).

There is a dedicated membrane cleaning in place (CIP) skid for the Low Salinity trains. The MF package has a dedicated EFM system which also acts as the MF CIP system.