Multi Media Filtration

Our membrane filtration system provides an ideal platform for SRP pre-treatment.

The membranes used are chlorine resistant and the system design provides facility for the oxidation and removal of any organic species trapped on the membrane surface during filtration. The membrane provides a complete barrier against particles larger than approximately 0.1 microns, thereby removing most species that lead to SRP fouling and plant downtime due to membrane cleaning.

By providing this technology to installation operators, SRP cleaning downtime would be significantly reduced and pre-treatment integrity ensured.

The system could be designed to replace existing filtration systems on SRP packages and thereby increase system up-time and reduce operating costs.



  • Reduced filtration module size/weight
  • Reduced sulphate removal module size/weight
  • Chlorine resistant membranes enhances biofouling cleaning ability
  • Constant feed water quality to SRP (0.1 micron filtration)
  • Reduced SRP cleaning resulting in greater injection system uptime and increased sulphate removal membrane life
  • Cartridge filtration eliminated
  • Reduced Opex in comparison with traditional pre-treatment systems