Multi Media Filtration (MMF)

The Multi Media filtration system works on depth filtration principles to treat the SRP / SWRO feed water to remove the majority of particles down to 5um or less. The system is designed in an N+1 configuration, in normal operation all filters are online, when one filter is taken offline for media backwash the "N" online filters automatically increase filtrate to compensate for the loss of flow.

The water enters at the top of the vessel and is distributed evenly over the media surface. It then flows down through the media layers of graded anthracite, sand and garnet, before the filtrate leaves the vessel via a header and lateral distribution system.

As seawater particulates are retained within the filter bed, they must be removed by a backwash process that's initiated by either differential pressure or time, the backwash a sequence of water flushes enhanced by air scour that helps loosen and break-up the compacted media bed

By providing this technology to installation operators, SRP cleaning downtime would be significantly reduced and pre-treatment integrity ensured.

The system can be designed to replace existing filtration systems on SRP packages and thereby increase system up-time and reduce operating costs.



  • Reduced filtration module size/weight
  • Reduced sulphate removal module size/weight
  • Chlorine resistant membranes enhances biofouling cleaning ability
  • Constant feed water quality to SRP (0.1 micron filtration)
  • Reduced SRP cleaning resulting in greater injection system uptime and increased sulphate removal membrane life
  • Cartridge filtration eliminated
  • Reduced Opex in comparison with traditional pre-treatment systems