Client: QUIP

Process: Sulphate Removal

Country: Brazil

Contract Description: Supply of Sulphate Removal System

Contract Date: March 2010

Contract Completion Date: September 2011

SRP Capacity: 340,000 BPD (54,054 m3/day)

Sea Water Conversion: 75%

Sea Water Feed Quality: 35,177 (tds)

Product Water Output Quality: <40mg/l sulphate


Project Description:

The project is for the design and supply of a seawater treatment plant sized for 340,000 BPD (54,054 m3/day) of low sulphate water.

Project Scope:

The project scope consists of a single lift module arrangement comprising: Coarse Inlet Strainers, Guard Cartridge Filtration, HP Feed Pumps, Sulphate Removal Membrane System, Vacuum Deaerator Package, Chemical Cleaning System, Chemical Dosing Systems, Control System, Manual & Control Valves and Field Instrumentation.

Process Description:

Inlet feed is first coarse filtered to 80µm by automatic backwash strainers.This is further treated by a set of cartridge filters to provide fine filtration down to 5µm prior to the membrane trains. The set of cartridge filters supplies feed water for four (4) trains.

The conditioned water, boosted to the required feed pressure, enters the Sulphate removal trains. Each membrane train is fitted with pressure vessels containing SR90-440i nanofiltration elements.A recovery of 75% is achieved by a 2:1 brine staged configuration.Brine reject from the process is discharged overboard, while the low Sulphate permeate is routed to a vacuum type deaerator package, where oxygen is removed by mechanical and chemical means.A dedicated clean in place (CIP) package, consisting of cleaning tank, heater, pump and cartridge filter vessel is provided for membrane cleaning purposes.