Hubgrade™ Digital Services - for SMARTER water injection

All our Service Solutions are designed to provide our clients with the technical and practical assistance to maximise plant efficiency and availability while reducing operating costs and enhancing working life:


Our onshore offering HUBGRADE™  includes:

  • 24/7 process and technology support 
  • Remote technical support through regional and international onshore support teams 
  • Remote data analysis 
  • Membrane autopsy, clean and characterisation
  • OPEX reviews 


HUBGRADE™ : a comprehensive set of digital solutions 

Veolia is the only company in the world that can combine 160 years of water treatment expertise, process knowledge, services, and a wide range of national and international references into one package of digital solutions.

HUBGRADE™ is composed of three complementary components:


A customer portal for remote monitoring and reporting  

with a complete overview of all your data  


KEY FEATURES:                                                                                                                                  

  • Real-time remote monitoring of equipment data
  • Dynamic alarm management
  • Event notification, e.g. outstanding maintenance
  • Automatic report generation
  • Information on service contracts / reports
  • Archive of all service and sales orders
  • Access to equipment documentation,
  • Performance document, calibration certificates, O&M manuals, parts lists and training videos.


  • Improvement of preventive maintenance
  • Through dynamic alarm management
  • Access to data from multiple sites via a single point of entry
  • 24/7 managed service
  • Convenience, transparency and simplified operations

A data driven performance optimization tool, predictive                                                        

and prescriptive analytics and recommendations


  • Key operational information overview in form of dashboard
  • Analysis of a plant’s operational and financial performance
  • Global benchmarks to compare performance across different sites
  • Scenario planning as a basis


  • A dashboard for managers, operators and engineers, to make informed business decisions
  • Simple overview over key performance indicators
  • Continuous optimisation of the operation
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Global benchmarking to apply successes throughout various sites

Access to Veolia's process experts for readily accessible assistance                                 



  • Network of Veolia experts to support operations
  • Advice in a timely manner, enabled by data
  • A communication platform
  • Community management where operators can Communicate and share knowledge with other Operators and Veolia process engineers
  • Online training platform


  • Operators can request support from Veolia (site visit, online assistance for maintenance service, troubleshooting, emergency support)
  • Risk mitigation to address your challenges (compliance, plant shutdown, etc.)
  • Peace of mind for the operation team
  • Continued learning and sharing of experience