Hydrex™  Chemicals

Our experience with the industry permits us to have turnkey  chemical capability:

  • Hydrex chemical supply
  • Chemical verification's 
  • Chemical optimisations for plant performance & OPEX requirements

Water treatment additives are key to the long term performance of seawater treatment plants. HydrexTM water treatment additives provide optimal performance and are compatible with the membranes they are protecting/cleaning. Use of HydrexTM water treatment additives throughout the process also ensures the compatibility of products.

Innovative chemicals to improve production

Veolia’s comprehensive line of Hydrex™  performance chemicals provides effective protection for your water injection package and enhanced oil recovery  challenges. 

We offer unique solutions that drive down lease operating expenses and minimise problems that threaten well profitability. We integrate chemicals, technologies, equipment systems, and robust versatile service support to provide a balanced approach to solving customer problems and maximising production efficiencies.  We collaborate with your experts to optimise chemical usage, maximise uptime, objectively measure our performance, and ensure that we positively impact your balance sheet economics.

Water Treatment Additives for Seawater Treatment

HydrexTM Reference Chemical Type
4101 Scale inhibitor for wide range of use (Liquid)                                                                                                                                              


Scale Inhibitor for high sulphate (Liquid)
4910 Scale Inhibitor - Multi functional 
5% DBNPA Solution
4202 20% DBNPA Solution
4514 Alkaline Cleaner Blend (Liquid)
4501 Alkaline Cleaner Blend (powder)
4502 Alkaline Cleaner Blend (Liquid)
4503 Acid Cleaner Blend( Liquid)
4701 Acid Cleaner (Powder)
4720 Acid Cleaner (Liquid)
4301 Sodium Metabisulphite (Liquid)
4302 Sodium Metabisulphite (Liquid)
6912 Sodium Hypochlorite (Liquid)
6794 Coagulation Aid (Liquid)
6783 Coagulation Aid  (Liquid)
3305 Coagulation Aid (Liquid)
6915 Sodium Hydroxide (Liquid)
4308 Preservations Buffer (Na2HPO4)

Global portfolio

Our chemical formulations are based on years of research and testing supported by our technical Research and Development Center. Our experienced staff of chemists and engineers can design a process to fit your individual plant’s needs.

1000 SERIES Total boiler water treatment chemicals

2000 SERIES Closed and open cooling system treatment programs

3000 SERIES Drinking water production

4000 SERIES Effective membrane anti-scalants and cleaners approval by major Membrane Manufacturers

5000 SERIES Industrial maintenance chemicals

6000 SERIES State-of-the-art clarification and wastewater chemistry and application experience

7000 SERIES  Biocides with a broad spectrum of activity and legionella  control

8000 SERIES Established process and specialty chemicals

9000 SERIES Wide range of other applications


HYDREX™ Water Treatment Chemicals

  • Anti-Scalants
  • Non Oxidising Biocide
  • Membrane Alkaline Cleaners
  • Membrane Acid Cleaners
  • Scavengers Cl₂/0₂
  • Coagulation Aid
  • Custom blended products

A single local contact for all requirements

  • Local service everywhere
  • Network of experts
  • On-site visits
  • Diagnostic audits
  • Control of water facility parameters
  • Pilots, testing
  • Setting of standards

Comprehensive range of chemicals

  • Extensive chemicals selection (more than 400 formulations)
  • Research & Development of new formulations
  • Drums, containers
  • Quality Assurance control of raw materials, purity analysis, traceability systems, storage of  samples for all production batches.


Veolia’s experience has shown that the choice and compatibility of chemicals and consumables will have a direct impact on the performance, availability and working lifetime of the Water Treatment System and its membranes – the impact of these choices should not be underestimated.