Spares Management

We believe that prevention is better than cure

Spares Management

Veolia has the capability to implement a spares management service where we would be responsible for supply and/or offsite storage of recommended long term spares and to ensure the client has sufficient, but not excessive, spares onboard to allow the plant to operate at maximum availability.

We use our broad experience of SRP operations to critically determine which spares should be held, both onshore and offshore. This critical approach should ensure that the spares holding is minimised while operational availability is maximised. This approach is based on three criticality levels.

  • Criticality 1 – Always in stock
  • Criticality 2 – Holding determined on historical performance and lead-time for supply
  • Criticality 3 – Not stocked

The Spares Management System will help ensure minimum downtime and hence a reduction in the single largest cost associated with maintenance – lost hydrocarbon revenue.

Cartridge Filters

We offer our own range of cartridge filters elements for seawater treatment and produced water treatment systems.


With agreements in place with major membrane suppliers we  can supply these at highly competitive rates and lead times. 


  • Stock control
  • Regional warehousing
  • Adhoc supply
  • Shipping and Storage
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Loyalty scheme


  • Seawater Treatment System
  • Produced Water Treatment  Systems
  • Custom Element Types available
  • Filtration ranging from 0.1 to 100 µ - nominal and absolute
  • Various end caps
  • Low Pressure Drop
  • Excellent Temperature /oil  resistance
  • Low Pressure Drop


  • Supply (SWRO & NF)
  • LCC Studies for membrane selection
  • Loading pattern advice