Client: AGIP

Process: Sulphate Removal

Country: United Kingdom

Contract Description: Turnkey supply of membrane plant for sulphate removal

Contract Date: 1991

Contract Completion Date:1992 (Operating since 1992)

Capacity: 2 x 50,000 barrels/day

Sea Water Conversion: 75%

Sea Water Feed Quality: 35,000 mg/l (tds)

Product Water Output Quality: £ 150 mg/l sulphate


Project Description:

Turnkey supply of a 100,000 BWPD sulphate removal plant, in two 50% trains, for the Tiffany Field in the North Sea.

Membrane filtration process based on the Filmtec NF40 membrane.

Weir group provided pumps/valves/Zeron 100 SDSS piping.