Tullow Ten

Client: MODEC Offshore Production Systems

Process: Offshore Seawater Reverse Osmosis

Country: Malaysia, Ghana

Contract Description: Seawater Treatment System

Contract Date: January 2014

Contract Completion Date: December 2014

Capacity: 210,000 BPD (33,390 m3/day)

Sea Water Conversion: 75%



Project Description:

The project is for the design and supply of a sea water treatment plant sized for 210,000 BPD (33,390 m3/day) feeding miscellaneous users including an integrated seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) system with a capacity of 13,200 BPD (2,100 m3/day) for the Tullow TEN FPSO, which will operate in the Deep Water Tano (DWT) block, offshore Ghana.


Project Scope:

The project scope consists of a Seawater Treatment Plant in a single module arrangement comprising: Seawater Coarse Strainers, Vacuum Deaerator Package, SWRO HP Feed Pumps, Guard Cartridge Filters, SWRO Trains, CIP (Clean In Place) System, Piping, Valves and Instrumentation.


Process Description:

Raw water from seawater lift pumps is routed to the inlet coarse strainers rated at 40µm. The inlet strainers are designed for 2 x 100% operation with automatic back-wash facility. The filtered seawater is used as source water for several users, including the water injection system, cooling water exchangers, electro-chlorinator, and fresh water maker. The filtered seawater is then routed to the Vacuum Deaerator (1 x 100%), which reduces the seawater oxygen content to 20 ppb (wt) residual oxygen, without use of oxygen scavenger. The deoxygenated water is then routed to a set of Booster Pumps, which in turn feed the SW Injection pumps.